Amazon FBA Success


This E-Book is a 58 page PDF that is a great source of information for how to get started on Amazon. Each chapter breaks down each aspect of creating an Amazon storefront, from just starting out and creating an account all the way down to marketing and SEO tools.

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Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Amazon FBA
Chapter 2 – Getting Started – Setting Up an Amazon Seller Account and Selling Your First Product
Creating Your Account
Creating Listings
Sending the Stock
Chapter 3 – How to Choose a Niche and a Product
The Niche
Choosing the Best Product Types
Chapter 4 – How To Source Products
How To Choose a Product To Sell
Creating Attractive Packaging
Keep it Minimal
Keep it Safe
Make it Desirable and Think About Branding
Chapter 5 – Marketing and Selling
Use AdSense
Run a Blog
Creating Buzz
More Options
Chapter 6 – Photography and Product Descriptions
The Tools
The Setting
The Composition
Chapter 7 – SEO for Amazon Products
Keywords and Keyphrases
Rating and Reviews for Amazon Products
Chapter 8 – Alternative Options
Creating Your Own Products
Selling Beyond Amazon
Step 1 – Do Your Research
Step 2 – Know Yourself
Step 3 – Find Your Ally
Step 4 – Use a Sales Representative
Chapter 9 – Scaling Your Business
Basic Growth
Other Fulfilment Companies
Chapter 10 – Conclusion and Blueprint for Success


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