Frequently Asked Questions

Each are going to have their pros and cons. The important thing is to find one that you aren’t going to get bored of. Find one that interests you and suits your strengths. If you try one and don’t enjoy it, try a different one.

We have seen people make thousands within the first month. It all depends how much you’re willing to absorb and invest into it. You get what you give. Our biggest advice though is that if you don’t make much in the first couple months don’t get discouraged. Use that as fuel to educate yourself and keep pushing.

You can get away with next to nothing. Our first drop shipping site we did cost us about $48. This was to pay for the domain and the subscription to Shopify. We built the website ourselves then used our customers money for everything else. There are going to be situations where putting more money upfront will help, such as investing or Amazon FBA, but you do not have to. Get creative and come up with a plan and a budget.

This is a difficult question. We believe in risk management as well as safety. If you’re 6 months in and you have a fire inside you to keep pushing and your in the 6 figures, do as you please. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with having multiple sources of income. If you have your normal job, you invest, you have an affiliate marketing site, and anytime you pop into a store you check the clearance to sell them on Amazon; that is four sources of income. That is hustling.

They really can do just about anything. If you need them to build your website, they can. Help with ads, they can. Graphics, SEO, writing, logos, you name it, they can do it. Feel everything out yourself and if you come to a road block, look to Fiverr. Just keep in mind, the money that you are putting into them will get made back later. So don’t be scared to splurge on the artist you like most.

Absolutely! These are just the ones that we have had the most success with. Wholesaling is a big one, we just lack experience. You can start your own t-shirt company, YouTube videos, etc. If you have a passion, there is a path for it.

Research and educate yourself. This is simply a blueprint, what you execute is all on you. We want to help educate and push you in the right direction. If our content isn’t enough, Google is your best friend. YouTube is your best friend. People will offer courses, but be cautious of these, as some can be scams.

You can promote with word of mouth, social media, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, sharing, recommending, or reviews. Get creative, but know some are free where as others will cost money. But as long as you are generating more income through sales than through ads, you’re golden.